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DJ Steve Marks – Bloody Sinatras medieval sweet little Australian lies

1. Juli 2022

Steve Marks kommt aus Australien. Er ist der Liebe wegen nach Deutschland gekommen. Als Musikproduzent und DJ hat er schnell in Deutschland Fuß gefasst. Um den Abend entspannter zu machen, haben Mathias und Thorsten mit ihrem Vorschul-Englisch den Abend auf Englisch bestritten.

Wenn Du also kein Englisch kannst, spar Dir bitte diese Folge. Tut uns leid! Für alle Anderen: Let´s switch to English:

Steve Marks is 34 years old, born and raised in Sydney. Now he lives with his German girlfriend in Cologne, Germany. He is a DJ, music producer, drummer and a really cool guy. Besides his music career, Steve also runs a restaurant in downtown Cologne, called Borsalino.

We talk about life in Australia, the challenges of emigration, how it is to live in Germany and what Germans are really like. We also talk a lot about music and Steve’s live performances. These are special, because he does not only spend them behind the turntable, but has found the live USP for himself with a drum machine. So a lot of fun is guaranteed when Steve is DJing in whole Europe.

Poisonous animals, the public order office and a lot of music, remixes and impressions of a DJ and music producer who has arrived in Germany: The episode is colorful, cheerful and the greatest thing: Steve has written a poem especially for this evening, which he recites at the end.

Thanks for being there Steve – we will definitely check out one of your performances!

Here you will find Steve´s Music and Social Media Profiles and projects:

The following beers were drunk in this episode (unpaid advertising):

Intro / Outro: HarmoniaProductions – Funk Groove

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